Bronze Small Hob Hourglass Iron Hourglass Crafts Ornaments


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Bronze Small Hob Hourglass Iron Hourglass Crafts Ornaments

Hourglass , also known as "sand clock" , is a measure of the time of the ancient instrument . Clepsydra hourglass with substantially the same manufacturing principles , it is the number of the drain according to another container from a vessel to the sand to measure time . This method of using sand instead of water , because of the cold northern winter air , water freezes easily sake .
Hourglass symbol of love, friendship and happiness , here refers us to eternal happiness , forever cherish the love and friendship ! Elapsed time . Things in the change. The passage of time , memories disappear when no longer thoughts , memories is wishful thinking. Forgotten time . Shen only sealed in my heart.
Boys and girls sent to cherish the time to wait for the hourglass is not a waste of youth .
Girls like boys send hourglass is a short passage of time youth ah want you to cherish their ah.
Hourglass representatives of different colors are white for health, purple for taste, tenderness pink representatives , blue represents vitality , green represents life , red for passion, yellow represents innocence , black represents steady. Send hourglass expresses a feeling of farewell . The process is also recalled sand spilled friend , a better process fragment between lovers . Hourglass sand is good memories between friends , lovers

name:Bronze small hob
material:Iron + hourglass
color: send by random

Package Included:
1 x Bronze hourglass


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