Spanking Beetle Somatosensory Suspension Induction Acousto-optic Children Toy


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Spanking Beetle Somatosensory Suspension Induction Acousto-optic Children Toy

Recommended Age:≥6
Battery: AAA  1.5 X 3 (Not Included)
Main Material: ABS + PP Environmental Nontoxic Plastic
Color & Pattern: Random

Are you bothered by the following issues:
Children are curious about everything?
Children lack of sport?
Children are crazy about chasing?
Children love spanking and disassembling stuff?

Note: The issues mentioned above, please don’t worry about that,or even scold children, because those are normal behaviors of children.

So, there might be a question for Parents. What am I supposed to do then?

Here, SPANKING BEETLE having 6 features may help you out.

1. When the beetle is batted by hand in the upper of its back with body sensor, it would flee immediately .
2. The beetle  body with glittering lights and funny sound,it will shock strongly in a specific time, which make children fondle admiringly.
3. The beetle  has infinite wisdom because of its two metal tentacles which can avoid obstacles intelligently.
4. The incredible beetle  would be “bringing a fart” laugh like a child when batted several time.
5. The beetle  has special magnetic blocks within the front and tail parts of its body,with the principle of homopolarity repulsion heteropolar phase, which can make more children play together.
6. It is helpful for parents to give children guidance because children are curious about everything in the world and have strong desire for knowledge.

Package Included:
1 X Beetle Toy (Battery Not Included)


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